Day by day children’s lives are saved. Picture shows the 500th little patient, a boy who could be rescued after complicated heart surgery.

Results are more than satisfactory!  PICU’s waiting list is getting longer and longer together with the growing reputation all over the country, so that very complicated cases even from Lady Ridgeway Hospital in Colombo, the leading paediatric hospital in the country, have been transferred to Galle.

Another result - apart from hard measurable facts – more than once parents whose children survived due to PICU’s work invited the staff for thank-you-celebrations; little performances of their kids, and other events. So in February 2011 for instance more than 100 people came together – the children danced and sang, recited poems and all staff members joined in. Some of the kids broke in tears when they forgot what they wanted to show. To put this in wording is not easy. In any case another little piece that is proving what sponsors have been able to contribute with their donations - simply  wonderful!

Further outcomes in more detail....

As per March 31, 2014, the PICU team consisted of…

Consultant for paediatrics


Consultant for paediatric intensive medicine


Medical officers and MD’s from other disciplines


Paediatric nurses


Nursing officers


Minor staff


Paediatric Intensive-Interventions  in PICU of Karapitiya Teaching Hospital,

Galle / Sri Lanka

Example: PICU – monthly statistics of 2011

October 2008 to August 2011

Example: PICU Treatment Statistics



In 2011 PICU had 25 admission from other hospitals



Further outcomes of interest


Further outcomes of interest

The Sri Lankan Post-Graduate Institute of Medicine has recognised PICU as certified training centre; i.e. from now on senior registrars in general paediatrics will come and stay for 6 weeks in addition to another 6 weeks training which they had before in Lady Ridgeway Hospital, Colombo, the leading children hospital in the country. Doctors regularly perform their training sessions and can get Paediatric Intensive Care Diplomas. Which good news….

Meanwhile PICU, on behalf of theGalleMedical Association is offering advanced training sessions: Regularly workshops are in PICU. Dr. Upeksha had been appointed the present secretary of said organisation so there might be a lot to do for the PICU team in total.


Apart from building, from procurement of medical-technology, from staff training there was a development initiative for young students running in the background: First wonderful outcome – Dr. Udara, one of the participants of the Hikkaduwa Lions Club’s Foster-Programme is now working as fully examined registrar in PICU. He had his first 5 weeks training session at Hannover Medical School.

On and on doctors and nurses travelled to Galle using their private vacation for support of their peers.


Meanwhile the there is a firm and stabile supporters framework around the PIC project and Hannover Medical School’s work consisting of:  Minister of Health, the Director General for Health Services, the Adviser to the Ministry regarding paediatric health development in Sri Lanka, the Deputy Speaker of the Sri Lankan Parliament, Governor and MP of the Southwest Region, the German Embassy in Colombo, long-term faithful sponsors, the existence and development of the fostership-agreement between the two PICU’s, the growing friendships between the two PICU teams, the strong engagement of the LC Hikkaduwa and its delegate as well as the ongoing engagement of the two German facilitators.

Behind all these figures hide many human fates and wonderful rescue operations. As one example – here is a story How little Vihansa's life was saved.

Please stay with us and support the


                       PICU developement efforts.