Right after the Tsunami-Catastrophe on December 26, 2004, when so many children died, because there was no possibility for intensive care, we started to build an Intensive Care Unit (PICU), together with Hannover Medical School and some Lions Clubs. Step by step – considering what the local partners were able to handle. Today we can say – the PICU has become a real success story: Around 740 children have been rescued by professional intensive medical help. And we are proud to say that 100% of the sponsored money had been invested – no leakages, nothing burned!


80% of what once had been planned is achieved. Specific medical technology is still missing, specific pharmaceuticals, and various consumptive goods. And in order to keep the achieved standards, to develop an acceptable level of hygiene, and - with utmost priority - to develop the requested competence level of doctors and nurses, further investment is needed. Think of the training sequences of staff either in Sri Lanka or in Germany and how costly they are. The PICU-project should become sustainable: The today’s success story has to be transferred into an ongoing comprehensive intensive treatment unit, self-propelled, operated bythe team of Sri Lankan doctors and nurses.